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Milwaukee Hand Trucks Manufacturing Facility

A Leader in Equipment Manufacturing & Specialty Products

Founded in 1946, The Gleason Companies are privately owned with corporate headquarters in Los Angeles, sales offices in the Midwest and 3 manufacturing plants in three states across the United States. Gleason is the only vertically integrated manufacturer of hand trucks, trailer carts, hammocks, sport bags and a variety of other consumer and OEM products. Gleason sells products throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. The Gleason group of companies consists of the following: Gleason Industrial Products, Precision Products and The Algoma Net Company.

The Gleason Group of Companies have extensive facilities for tubular steel forming, powder coating, steel stamping and forming, arc welding, multiple-spot and single-spot resistance welding, tool making, textile cutting and sewing, and mass production assembly. Our Customer Service Department exceeds industry standards with technology for consumer and transit needs. We offer manual, network and EDI capabilities. We service retail, OEM, Internet and catalog accounts among all classes of trade.

Manufacturing Capacity

Gleason has over 700 dedicated employees in its operations. Current plant facilities consume approximately 1 million square feet featuring over 120 punch presses up to 700 tons, 8 powder coat lines, 12 hydraulic tubular bending machines, and a textile factory. Two of Gleason’s factories are equipped to manufacture hand trucks, allowing for rapid increase production to satisfy market demand.

Welding Hand Truck
3 hand trucks and dolly

The Gleason Commitment

Gleason is financially strong and well positioned to continue to grow the U.S. program. Gleason is committed to maintaining the best possible product quality and unsurpassed service in the industry. Gleason has and will continue to maintain a high level of product inventory and customer service to ensure buyer and consumer satisfaction.

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